© ARMSCOR 2013 ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company The Armscor brand has reached a stage in which it is truly global. Over the last 60 years we've sold hundreds of thousands of firearms to responsible owners for the purpose of defense, competition, and recreation. The past year has been an extraordinary experience for everyone at the company; from opening a new Armscor manufacturing plant in Montana, to revitalizing our online presence with the resolve of being the most "social" shooting company out there. We have high expectations for these new ventures and we've seen the results, yet our commitment to creating a quality product has never been higher. As a company that is known internationally for dependable products and reasonable prices, I believe it is our duty to shatter stereotypes and defy expectations. We don't price products this low to undercut competition, our price structure addresses a need that many global citizens have, self defense. We welcome everyone from beginners to pros with products that suit their various needs. The world is changing and so are the everyday needs from our customers. This site is just the beginning in what we see as a major opportunity to cater to the millions of engaged shooting enthusiasts and advocates over the web. Over the next 6 months, you'll be able to watch this site grow into something that in our opinion will change the industry forever. I want to welcome you all to the new age of Armscor. We're excited about the future and we hope you are too! Martin Tuason - CEO MESSAGE FROM THE CEO